Liana Leßmann

Liana Leßmann | GER


Bremer Philharmoniker

"Find inspiration in other people, other forms of art and your environment."

About me

At what age did you start learning your instrument?

At the age of 8 years.

Who were your teachers?

Patrick Hagen, Andreas Merten, Sabine Meyer, Romain Guyot and François Benda

One of the most moving moments in my life as a musician was…

...a concert with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with Gustav Mahler’s 3. Symphony. In the Beginning of the last movement I have a long of pause, so i could just listen to the musicians around me and in one concert there was such a magical atmosphere, the music full of emotions really transferred me to another place.

Which music do you like other than classical music?

Billie Eilish


LIONS Musikwettbewerb Lübeck 1st Prize

Who or what inspires you?

People who follow their own way and vision without caring about other people's judgement. Like the entrepreneur Elon Musk.

What's your message to young musicians?

Try to get out of the musician's bubble every now and then. Find inspiration in other people, other forms of art and your environment.

What is your favourite woodwind quintet piece?

It's Jean Françaix' Quintet Nr. 1, he created such a wonderful bubbly and sparkling sound mixture.

If I wouldn't be a musician, I would be a…

A speech therapist.