Fernando José Martínez Zavala

Fernando José Martínez Zavala | HND


Düsseldorfer Symphoniker

"…we grew up so fast as an ensemble and also as a family!"

About me

At what age did you start learning your instrument?

I started to play the Oboe when I was 12 years old.

Who were your teachers?

My teachers were Marlon Herrera, Dudu Carmel and Nick Deutsch.

One of the most moving moments in my life as a musician was…

There are a lot of moments, but one of them is the experience in the Carl Nielsen quintet competition, we grew up so fast as an ensemble and also as a family! This intense preparation and the opportunity to make music together is one of those moments.

Which music do you like other than classical music?

I like different styles of music besides classic music, I like jazz, Salsa and I like some pop too.


Concours de Genève Oboe Competition: Semifinal

Who or what inspiries you?

I'm inspired that you can communicate well with music no matter where you come from and you always find new ways to play, and that every moment is unique when you make art.

What's your message to young musicians?

If you have dreams go for them, fight for them and work to make them possible!

What is your favourite woodwind quintet piece?

I don’t have a favorite piece for quintet but I had a lot of fun when we played Jean Fancaix :)

If I wouldn't be a musician, I would be a…

I cannot imagine another profession for me than being a musician.